A Post-Hegemoic Era: Society, Culture and Politics in Latin America

Instituto de Iberoamérica, University of Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain | 28th June - 1st July 2016

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Rules for participation

  • You can submit one Symposium linked to any of the Conference Themes indicated in the 8th Conference website.
  • Each Symposium must have a maximum of 16 papers (four working groups with four papers each, plus a commentator).
  • Individual and co-authored papers as well as working groups with a maximum of 4 members can be proposed for each of those Symposiums.
  • Participants who have already submitted the payment for the 8th Conference must take into account that the organisation will not refund that amount if they cannot attend the Conference.
  • Once accepted by the Local Committee, only the speakers who have submitted the payment within the deadline established by the Local Committee will be included in the CEISAL 2016 Activity Programme. Each speaker-author, even in case of a co-authored works, must submit the corresponding registration fee.
  • The Local Committee is the only body authorized to issue participation and paper registration certificates, they will hand them in once they have confirmed oral presentation during the Conference dates.
  • The Conference registration certificate will only be issued once the corresponding fee has been submitted. The Conference participants will not receive a formal invitation, except for a reduced number of special guests.
  • CEISAL participants can only submit two papers at each Conference, with no exception.
  • Participants can only appear once as Symposium Coordinators.
  • As a speaker, you have two important commitments:
    1. Make sure you submit your paper to your working group members well in advance so it can be read and you can receive comments and feedback.
    2. Submit your paper to CEISAL so it can be made available in the 8th Conference website.

Symposium Timetable

The Symposiums are planned every hour and a half starting at 9:00 h on Tuesday 28th June and finishing at 14:00 h on Friday 1st July. All participants must be available during that time, since it is not possible to pre-establish special timetables or modify the participation timetables for individual speakers.

Rules for submitting papers:

1) Papers presented at the symposiums must meet the following presentation requirements :

  • Garamond 12 and single-spaced.
  • Collaborations must not exceed 30.000 characters, including blank spaces and notes, which must be reduced to the minimum. Papers must not exceed 20 pages and must meet the following style guidelines.
  • Languages: Spanish, Portuguese or English.
  • Illustrations (images, charts, tables and figures) must be recorded in separated properly identified documents. In the text document, you must only include a concise explanation of the location of the image. Illustration list and titles must be included in the body of the text, Word format, and never integrated inside the illustrations. Figures must be submitted in TIFF or IPEG format, with a resolution of 300 dpi for the impression format.
  • Foreign words used in the text must be written in italics. Italics must be used only for foreign words and titles of books, journals, etc. and not for any other purpose. Please do not underline titles and or highlight in bold.
  • Please avoid the use of “loc. cit”, “op. cit” and “ibid”. Bibliographic references must be integrated in the text using the author-date system, for instance:
    (Pelaye Prado 1995: 145-154)
  • A complete bibliography in alphabetical order must be included at the end of the article. Examples:

    Last name, Name (Year): Title. Place of publishing: Publisher.
    Last name, Name/Last name, Name (Year): Title. Place of publishing: Publisher.
    Last name, Name/Last name, Name (eds.) (Year): Title. Place of publishing: Publisher.

    Last name, Name (Year): “Title”. In: Last name, Name/Last name, Name (eds.): Title. Place of publishing: Publisher, pp. xx-xx

    Last name, Name (Year): “Title”. In: Journal xx [...], xx [Nº], pp. xx-xx

    Last name, Name (Year): “Title”. In http://www. [full URL] (Date consulted).

  • Footnotes must be used only for clarifying certain aspects of the text, never for bibliographic references.
  • There must only be one blank space will be used to separate words in the text.
  • Quotation marks “” must only be used to include quotations from sources cited.
  • Inverted commas ‘’ are used for metaphorical or figurative use of some terms, e.g.: his ‘I’, etc.
  • Quotations exceeding four lines must be included in a separated paragraph. In that case do not use “”. A full stop must appear at the end of the material cited, followed by the bibliographical reference between parentheses as indicated above. The parentheses must not be followed by another stop.
  • Quotations which do not exceed four lines must be included in the body of the text, and must be indicated by using “”. Every quotation must be followed by the relevant bibliographical information between parentheses. The full stop must be placed after the parentheses if the quotation appears at the end of a sentence.
  • Suspension points must be used to indicate ellipsis. When it refers to an ellipsis in a quoted text, they must be surrounded by square brackets: [...]. When they are an author’s choice, parentheses must not be used: ... Never use three separated points; instead, insert the proper symbol by selecting ‘Insert’ – ‘symbol’ – ‘special symbols’.
  • When naming a book –fiction or otherwise- or a manuscript for the first time, please include the publication date between parentheses, e.g.: La poliarquía: participación y oposición (1989) by Dahl, Robert A., etc. You must always quote the date when the text or the manuscript was first published, never a subsequent edition. It is imperative that you include in the text the date of the first publication between square brackets, and in the bibliography include that date and the one of the recent edition:
    DALH, ROBERT A. (1989) [1997]: La Poliarquia: Participacion y Oposicion. Madrid: Tecnos
  • 2) Papers must have a front page including the following details:

  • Title of the paper
  • Name and last name of the author or authors, email and the institution they belong to.
  • Theme
  • Include the formula: “Work prepared for its presentation in the 8th European Council for Social Research on Latin America Conference, organized by the Instituto de Iberoamérica, University of Salamanca, to be held in Salamanca from the 28th June to 1st July 2016”.
  • Papers will be preceded by an abstract of 250 words maximum. Also, five key words in both languages must be included. If the article is written in Portuguese, its abstract must appear in Portuguese and English.
  • The front page of the articles must meet the following format: the title of the article must be written in Garamond 12, space between lines 1.5. Write right down the name and last name of the author or authors, on the right margin with an asterisk. Then include the abstract in Spanish or Portuguese and the five key words. Both words “Resumen” and “Abstract” must be placed on the left margin, size 11, capital letters. The rest of the abstract must be included right after, leaving a margin of 1cm in both sides after the word “Abstract”.
  • 3) Papers must be uploaded by the author or authors in the Conference website (do not submit them via email). The acceptance of papers will depend on their approval by the Symposium Coordinators.

    Download Rules for Participation in PDF