A Post-Hegemoic Era: Society, Culture and Politics in Latin America

Instituto de Iberoamérica, University of Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain | 28th June - 1st July 2016

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Young Researchers Contest

  1. An original paper, presented by a PhD and/or masters student in any of the Symposiums of the 8th Conference of the European Council for Social Research on Latin America [CEISAL] will be rewarded.
  2. The award will consist in a single and indivisible 500-Euro payment.
  3. The jury will be able to award Mentions to two additional papers considered as outstanding.
  4. These three rewarded papers will be published in the CEISAL Yearbook.
  1. Students and young researchers enrolled in Social Sciences and Humanities Masters or PhD programs will be able to take part.
  2. Each participant can submit only one paper.
  3. Participants will email their paper proposal to the Symposium Coordinator in the terms and dates set by the Conference Call for receiving proposals.
  4. Once the paper proposal is accepted, the text must be sent to the Symposium Coordinator in the set dates for this Call.
  5. Symposium Coordinators will evaluate the texts of the received papers and the results will be communicated to the Jury.
  1. Papers have to be original and unpublished reflections, always following the style guidelines established for the CEISAL 8th Conference http://goo.gl/YqNzsp
  2. Co-authored papers are accepted, as long as the number of authors is limited to two. In this case, the award will be given to the paper, and the quantity will remain the same as established in this Call.
  3. Materials sent to the Contest will not be returned.
Jury and Evaluation
  1. The jury will include specialists in Social Sciences from prestigious institutions. Their decision cannot be overturned.
  2. Evaluation criteria will be mainly based on analytical and methodological rigor.
  3. The award can be declared vacant.
  4. Participants accept the conditions established in the present requirements.
Important dates
  1. The deadline for submitting papers is 30th March 2016.
  2. The jury’s decision will be announced during the 8th CEISAL Conference, which will be celebrated in Salamanca on 28-30th June and 1st July 2016.
  3. Only the winner will be directly informed a few days before the 8th Conference.
Contact information and additional details
  1. For further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Any situation not covered by this Call will be addressed by the Jury.

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